Electroair Authorized Installation Center Program

It is a new day in General Aviation! For the first time in many decades, a completely new technology is now available for General Aviation aircraft engines. In fact, this is the first completely new technology for GA since the introduction of the GPS for navigation. This technology was not developed by the government, but from the creative energy of entrepreneurship and hard work found in private enterprise. This technology releases our engines from a system that has held back power and performance since before World War II. I am talking about the technology found in the Electroair Electronic Ignition Systems, which are now FAA/PMA Approved for use throughout the General Aviation Fleet.

As we bring our system to market, we are educating many as to how much more can be achieved by using our system. We are changing minds. We are creating a paradigm shift in how pilots and technicians think about, operate, and take care of aircraft. We are breaking the chains of inefficiency that have held back our power plants for years.

In order to broadly impact the GA market and move to a new paradigm, we need companies that believe in General Aviation; professionals that are passionate about getting it right and expanding the boundaries of what's possible. That is why we have created the Electroair Authorized Installation Center Program.

Flying is a really cool business. We do things in the air and on the ground that most people cannot comprehend. In fact, because it is so breathtaking, most people try not to think about it and simply take it for granted that it works. If you take pride in the fact that your work is so good that most people choose to take it for granted, then we want to talk with you.

Electroair is looking for partners. We are looking for companies that are interested in bringing new technology to the General Aviation. We are looking for partners that we can call Authorized Installation Centers. We are looking for people that enjoy the challenge of working on existing aircraft and renovating them to be better. We are looking for creative people that understand the challenge of overlaying a new piece of technology on to an old system. This requires an open-mindedness to look at the new, see how to adapt it to the old, and be confident in your own experience to see it through to the end. In short, if you take pride in your work and delivering quality for your owners and operators, we want to talk with you.

If you are interested in learning more and applying to become an Electroair Authorized Installation Center, then please click here and send us some initial information about you and your company. We will forward an application and start the process.