Sales Terms, Conditions, Warranties, and Limitations

Electroair would like to thank you for your consideration and purchase of an Electroair Electronic Ignition System. Electroair prides itself in making the finest ignition systems for General Aviation aircraft. This document highlights the various terms of sale, limitations, warranties and technical support for Electroair products. If there any questions to any of these policies or terms, please contact Electroair directly via phone, email, or regular mail.

LIMITED WARRANTY: This limited warranty applies to all original, retail purchases of the Electronic Ignition System. If your product does not work properly due to a defect in materials or workmanship, Electroair will, for a period of one year from the date of purchase, at its option- either repair or replace your product with new or repaired components. The decision to repair or replace will be made by Electroair. A copy of the purchase receipt and a completed Warranty Registration Form (blank form below) must be on file with Electroair in order for your unit to be eligible for warranty consideration.

LIMITATIONS: Damages from improper installation, excess heat, physical abuse or electrical malfunction outside the product, are not covered by this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear, cosmetic damage, faulty installation, damage in shipment, misuse, alteration, weather, or failure to adhere to instructions for continued airworthiness. A completed Warranty Registration Form must be filed with Electroair upon installation for any Limited Warranty to become effective.

TROUBLESHOOTING/SERVICE DIFFICULTIES/OPERATIONAL ISSUES: Should a problem arise with your Electroair electronic ignition system (EIS), please do not hesitate to use the variety of resources Electroair can offer to resolve various problems or difficulties. It has been Electroair’s experience that many issues customers might encounter are often related to installations that did not follow the Electroair Installation Process or are related to some other underlying issue with the subject aircraft. Regardless of the problem, Electroair will make every reasonable effort to help resolve the problem. To that end, the following Terms and Conditions apply to any Tech Support effort:

  1. Electroair, upon initial contact with the customer, will determine as best it can, the level of difficulty/severity of the trouble. If the trouble is minor, or simple in nature, Electroair Tech Support will address it over the initial contact. If necessary, Electroair Tech Support will create a “Customer File” with the intent of organizing the trouble and working through the steps necessary to reach a resolution.
  2. The customer will complete the applicable sections of the Electroair Troubleshooting Guide and supply that information to Electroair Tech Support. The customer may be asked to supply additional support information including, but not limited to, photos or data logs from engine monitor systems.
  3. Electroair will use the information from the Troubleshooting Guide, as well as any additional supplied information, to determine the nature of the trouble and resolution plan.
  4. If, during the Troubleshooting process, it is determined that supplying loaner components or other parts may be helpful, Electroair will supply those parts via a shipping method it determines. Electroair will also retain from the customer some method of payment for any non-warranty expenses. Electroair will charge the appropriate party for non-warranty expenses.
  5. Electroair will maintain a running log of the Troubleshooting activities to be filed in the “Customer File.” This data will be used to support any desired design changes and to support any Warranty Claims.
  6. Electroair may, at its exclusive discretion, reimburse for labor expenses as it relates to the Troubleshooting activity. Electroair reserves the right to negotiate and compensate for fair and customary charges.
Electroair will make every reasonable effort to resolve any Troubleshooting matter to the satisfaction of the customer. The expectation is that the customer will recognize this effort and further acknowledge that almost all installations of an EIS onto an aircraft are unique to each airframe and requires a certain level of attention to detail. With some effort, Electroair’s EIS can be successfully installed on almost any airframe with the assurance of many trouble-free hours of operation.

RETURNS: Consultation with Electroair staff is encouraged to answer questions, guide installation and recommend operating practices. A Warranty Return Authorization (WRA) will be issued only after consultation with Electroair Staff. Product returns other than due to manufacturing defects are limited to 90 days from purchase, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and must be returned in a saleable condition. Additional fees may apply to return the ignition kit to a saleable condition. All fees will be applied at the discretion of Electroair. Any return shipments must be pre-paid by the shipper.

LIMITED UNDER LAW: These limited warranties, unless prohibited by law, shall be the exclusive, express warranties of Electroair, its distributors, and its retail sales outlets. Electroair and affiliated companies shall not be liable for consequential damages, contingent damages, or expenses arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Electronic Ignition System. No one, including representatives of Electroair, an Electroair distributor, affiliates, or retailers may enlarge or alter these warranties.